About Annette

About Annette Duzant-Tasch

qos_card_annetteMy fondest memories of my childhood are of my mom baking bread, tarts and cakes; the house always smelled of baked goods. My mother owned a food processor and mixer, but they stayed in the pantry in boxes because my mother believed in doing everything by hand. That philosophy was passed down to me, my mother’s little assistant. I had my own set of smaller baking pans and would always put my own spin on the dough that she gave to me for experimentation. I would add other ingredients and make faces and all sorts of shapes. I was always so proud of my baked goods. Annette, the Queens of Queens of Sweet The freedom and creativity from my mother’s kitchen sparked in me a lifelong dedication to the creative arts. Though the medium has changed frequently through the years, the love is still the same. I attended the High School of Art and Design in New York City and then Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.

I have worked as a sign maker and display artist for Canal Jean Co. on Broadway, as a Toy Convention Trimmer contracted to Hasbro, and as a Visual Merchandising Manager for H&M. Starting Queens of Sweet is a dream come true. It has brought me back to my creative roots, and as a bonus, I get to work with my creative soul mate, George. I am inspired by my clients’ desire to celebrate milestones & achievements. Together we figure out flavors, sizes, colors and themes of the cakes. Some folks know exactly what they want, while others send emails that simply read “I need a cake”. Either way, inspired collaboration results in a delicious and unique work of edible art that makes special occasions even more special. Cakes are an event by themselves, so it’s always exciting.

There is only one thing that feels better than inspiration and that is love, and I love to bake all kinds of yummy treats and create spectacular specialty cakes. Fortunately, baking isn’t my only source of love and inspiration. I am the wife of Evan Tasch, vegan and soccer enthusiast. I am the mom of Julian Tasch, an adorable little boy with autism. Raising a child with autism can be very difficult. I want nothing more than to make sure that my family functions well and that everyone is as happy as they can be. It is truly their love and support that has given me the courage to take this amazing leap and pursue this dream.